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Blackstone Labs GlycoLog

Make insulin work for you!

The effects of the hormone insulin are often ignored or underrated. Insulin is secreted by the beta-cells in the pancreas when the body has an intake of carbs. It is a storage hormone and thus can impact how your body reacts - it can affect the weight by either accumulating 10 lbs of fat or 10 lbs of solid muscle mass. Typically, people regard carbohydrates as a hot topic to talk about when getting fit because of how carbohydrates are processed, how they are absorbed and the effects they have on body-appearance. Consequently there are different approaches to how carbs are approached during dieting based on how we perceive their assimilation: low-carb eating, carb-loading or carb cycling are just some of the available methods.

So how does insulin work and how can we use it to improve the performance of our bodies. The pancreas seems to be one the least-understood body organ and carbs as the most "dangerous" organic compounds there is. The connection between the two is therefore very important to our understanding on things. The pancreas's role is to secrete insulin, the most anabolic hormone in our bodies. Due to insulin, our bodies can regulate the amount of glucose and amino acids in our blood. It is responsible for energy levels in our body, fat storage and sleep patterns. What is most often omitted is that, insulin creates glycogen which is responsible for skeletal muscle tissue too.

So what does Glycolog do? Where do Blackstone Labs step in? Glycolog is a product which can upregulate the enzymes controlling glycogen and amino acids in the blood stream. It basically acts as a partitioning agent increasing muscle tissue. Some of the ingredients in Glycolog are bitter melon, chromium, R-alpha-lipoic acid and cinnamon extract and they encourage your pancreas to use the insulin, through partition, more as an anabolic than a storage compound. Glycolog is designed keeping in mind that the average user does not abuse fat and his/her diet consists in regular quantities. Weight loss and building up lean muscle can take place quite fast if you too decide to make these supplements part of your routine for a while.

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