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    Test Rejuvenation (Stage 1)

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    60 Serv/180 Capsules

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    Innovapharm – Stage 1 Test Booster

    STAGE 1 TEST REJUVENATION contains a MASSIVE dose of AgresTEST™, an obscure form of Fadogia Agrestis,
    sourced and cultivated directly from Ghana. AgresTEST™ differs from other Fadogia sources in that it contains an abundance of natural and extremely rare alkylamide glycosides, which are believed to be potent testosterone enhancing constituents.

    E-XSTANE™ is a hardcore Anti-Estrogen & Anti-Cortisol ingredient. Each serving of STAGE 1 TEST REJUVENATION contains a full dose of E-XSTANE™ to ensure for optimal levels of Testosterone while promoting a truly lean and tight physique.

    Deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals can limit the body’s ability to produce testosterone. For this reason, STAGE 1 TEST REJUVENATION supplies ample doses of Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6 and Zinc in order to replenish what the body depletes during strenuous exercise.

    It’s a well known fact… HIGHER TEST = GREATER GAINS! Combined with AgresTEST™, these 5 ingredients assist in
    drastically boosting Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone and of course Testosterone.

    Due to its potency, results from STAGE 1 TEST REJUVENATION can be felt in just 1-2 days. Results become more profound over time with consistent daily use.



    • Ultra Potent Natural Test & Libido Support
    • Highly Dosed Rare Fadogia Agrestis
    • Synergistic Ayurvedic Herbal Blend
    • Enhanced w/E-XSTANE




    As a dietary supplement, Take(3) capsules one to two times daily with food. DUE TO EXTREME POTENCY, DO NOT SUES THIS PRODUCT FOR MORE THAN 8 WEEKS, FOLLOWED BY A 4 WEEK BREAK. DO NOT EXCEED 6 CAPSULES IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.