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    1-Testosterone by HTP

    Highly Anabolic Prohormone!

    Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone is one of the most effective prohormones ever produced in the supplement industry! This highly anabolic prohormone will help you receive a pure and lean bulk with its formula of potent 1-Androsterone and Bergamottin. 1-testosterone has been tested in a university study to prove that men gained lean muscle mass. In fact, these men gained about 10.4 lbs of lean mass on average! 

    The main components of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone, 1-Androsterone and Bergamottin, are effective and potent for you to achieve a pure, clean, and lean muscle bulk. This product also helps preserve and increase your muscle definition on top of bulking up. 1-Androsterone is a very effective derivative of DHEA, that is more effective and more anabolic than testosterone, with no conversion to estrogen either. Bergamottin is naturally found in grapefruit and works as a pair with the 1-Androsterone to make it more effective and able to pass through your system. This effective formula makes Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone one of the most effective prohormones on the market. Try Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone for yourself today and see yourself bulk up like you always wanted! You wont regret it!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone Benefits

    • Helps Increase Protein Synthesis
    • Helps Increase Fat Loss
    • Can Provide Bigger Muscle Pumps
    • Helps Increase Lean Mass
    • Promotes Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Promotes Increased Strength
    • Will Not Convert to Estrogen
    • Can Help Enhance Muscle Definition
    • Increases Workout Intensity
    • Contains Potent Mass & Strength Building Ingredients



    Take as a dietary supplement. Take 1 tablet in the morning and take another later in the evening. Do not take any more than these 2 per day.