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    For those working out in the gym and needing a “carb-load” for your muscles, without it turning into unwanted body fat, there is scientifically developed metabolic nutrition which can help you accomplish your goal successfully. GlycoLoad is a carbohydrate supplement targeting Glycogen production in the body in a way which sugar intake does not turn into body fat. Athletes aspire for muscular definition and lean, hard muscles are always obtained through energy-consuming physical efforts. The energy which is burned out in the gym, contracting muscles, dilating blood vessels, increasing vascularity, hydrating you, it is stored in your body as Glycogen. This is why card-loading is so often practiced by body builders and athletes. There are different diets and training methods available to maximize the absorption and use of carbs. However, none works as well as using GlycoLoad. These supplements do not fail in helping the body properly absorb & store a high dose of fast sugars.


    Glycoload is a unique formula which, unlike other multi-carbohydrate powders, does not function in an uncontrolled manner. Its single high-molecular and low osmolality makes the carbohydrates pass through the stomach-digestion, enter the small intestine (the GI track) and be slowly assimilated into the blood stream. The steady absorption allows a higher level of conversion of Glycogen into the muscles. Obviously more Glycogen in the muscles means more energy, increased muscle size, muscle strength and endurance and a faster recovery rate. With Glycogen there is no fear of long and strenuous physical effort. Exercise becomes easier to cope with. The GlycoLoad effects are favoured by unique peptide-bonded glycogen promoting pharmaceutical amino acids, powerful antioxidants, insulin mimicking pre-cursers and critical electrolytes.


    GlycoLoad makes prolonged workouts seem a breeze, even when taken into the small dose format which is now available for easy mix. Digestion is, as explained, no problem at all and every gram of carbohydrates is successfully absorbed into the system. Furthermore, aside from being a very powerful and efficient supplement, it helps eliminate gas, cramps and bloating making the body feel excellent throughout all the efforts. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. And it tastes great!!! And remember you can have GlycoLoad flavoured (with more than one flavour) or unflavoured and add to your selected pre-workout protein supplements. You can spoil your taste buds any way you please!!!



    FOR ENDURANCE OR CARDIO TRAINING:Take 1 scoop of GlycoLoad with 6oz of cold water.

    FOR HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING AND FUNCTIONAL FITNESS:Take 2 scoops of GlycoLoad with 12oz of cold water.

    FOR HIGH VOLUME TRAINING AND MUSCLE BUILDING:Take 3 scoops of GlycoLoad with 18oz of cold water.

    NOTE:Best results are seen when these dosages are taken prior to and after your workout. GlycoLoad can be added to any pre-workout formula such as METABOLIC NUTRITION’S E.S.P. EXTREME or P.S.P. to improve athletic performance and boost lean muscle growth.