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    MuscLean Protein by Metabolic Nutrition


    MuscLean is a high-quality whey blend protein designed for lean muscle growth, Metabolic Nutrition utilizes their unique digestive enzyme coating process and ultra-microfiltration to increase absorption, and ease digestion. MuscLean contains the essential fatty acids, fats and enzymes necessary for lean, dense muscle development, and on top of that- the flavors are to die for! MuscLean also features low-carb ingredients that in aid in recovery, allowing you to achieve the most lean muscle with the fastest recovery.



    Due to it's higher fat content and unique ingredient makeup, MuscLean is often used as a bulking agent/mass gainer, by simply doubling or even tripling the serving size, depending on your body's needs and goals.  The following routines are suggested by the brand: 

    Maintenance Routine: For general muscle maintenance add 1 – 2 scoops of MuscLean to 6-12 fl. oz. of water or any beverage of your choice once per day.  

    Weightlifting: As a part of a Weightlifting or Strength and Conditioning routine, add 2 – 3 scoops of MuscLean to 12-18 fl. oz. of cold water or any beverage of your choice. For maximum results consume MuscLean twice daily, immediately following exercise and before bedtime.

    Mass Gainer: As part of a Weight Gainer or Bodybuilding program, add 3 scoops of MuscLean to 18 fl. oz. of cold water or beverage of choice. For maximum results consume MuscLean 2 – 3 times daily in between regular meals.