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     Myo-Stack is perfect for those who want to:

     Build muscle and/or enhance athletic performance.

    Complement his or her current athletic supplement stack.

    Promote muscle growth while avoiding androgen supplements (e.g. women).


    All Natural Anabolic Supplement - Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack

    Are you looking for a natural way to enhance your athletic performance and boost your muscle growth? Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack is an all-natural anabolic supplement that might just be exactly what you need then! This is because Myo-Stack promotes the building, maintenance, and keeping of muscle. Myo-Stack prompts muscles to utilize more amino acids, the building blocks of your muscles, encouraging the growth of more muscle and the maintenance of existing muscle.


    Myo-Stack uses natural plant-based ingredients in its formula, making it an all natural anabolic. The main ingredients of Myo-Stack is Ajuga Turkestanica extract, which comes from the whole plant, and (25 R)-5alpha-spirostan-2alpha, 3beta, 5alpha-triol-6-OH. These ingredients act as the most effective forms of myostatin inhibitors. Myostatin is a hormone that causes muscles to stop growing under certain conditions. Myostatin inhibitors stop this from happening, promoting further muscle growth. This is how Myo-Stack helps promote muscle growth and preserve and protect your muscle mass! So if you're looking for an all-natural, effective myostatin inhibitor or just a muscle-booster in general, then try Myo-Stack today!  


    Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack Benefits

    Helps Increase Protein Synthesis Synthesis

    All-Natural Anabolic Supplement

    Promotes Muscle Growth

    Enhances Athletic Performance

    Avoids Androgen Supplements

    How to Take Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack

    Take as a dietary supplement. Take 1 tablet 2-3 times a day with food. Do not take more than 4 tablets per day.


    Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack Ingredients

    Supplement Facts


    Serving Size: 1 Tablet


    Servings per Container: 60


    Amount per Serving DV%


    Myostatin and Anabolic Proprietary Blend [Rhaponticum Carthamoides 100:1 Extract (Root), Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (whole plant)] 250 mg *


    (25 R)-5alpha-spirostan-2alpha, 3beta, 5alpha-triol-6-OH 50mg *


    *Percent Daily Values (DV) are Based on a 2,000 calorie diet


    **Daily Value (DV) Not Established


    Other Ingredients: Microcrystaline Cellulose, Phosphatidylcholine 75%, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, Phytosterols, Magnesium Stearate, Silicate, FD&C Blue #2, FD&C Red #40.  


    Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack Warnings & Side Effects

    Allergen Warning: Manufactured on shared equipment that also processes eggs, wheat, & soy (lecithin).


    Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. This product is intended for use by healthy individuals only. Do not use if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medication. Consult a physician prior to using this product if you have any pre-existing medical condition including diabetes or hypoglycemia or if you take any glucose-lowering agents or other drugs or supplements that affect blood sugar. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Read entire label prior to use.



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