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    Tri-Ad Mass

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    Tri-Ad Mass

     Alchemy Labs TRIAD MASS is hands down our number 1 selling product for BULKING for a reason.....



    TRIAD MASS is the highest dosed "BULKING" pro-hormone in our product line, and is the perfect match for guys wanting to Bulk Up—Build Strength—and achieve the "off season bulk" look.


    TRIAD MASS, is not your standard run of the mill "Muscle Building Supplement" that you can find anywhere & everywhere.


    TRIAD MASS is an advanced mass building pro hormone that utilizes TetraSorb Delivery™: a state-of-the-art supplement delivery system designed to maximize absorption! One of the long time issues with Andro-based pro hormones has been their ability to pass the first pass of the liver. TetraSorb Delivery™ has fixed the absorption issue and made Alchemy Labs' pro hormones stand out among the rest.*


    TRIAD MASS has six legal pro hormones to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength, including our patented3-AD™ (3-ANDRO) – which is known to be 3x stronger than Androsterone!*


    Every ingredient inside this formula, was hand selected and carefully chosen to synergistically enhance your "Off-Season/Bulking" goals.


    As you already know...there is no way around proper nutrition, crushing the gym, and hard work.


    But, if you're ready to push your body to the next level, then pick up TRIAD MASS today & start crushing your goals!





    • Building quality muscle mass*
    • Increases in strength & power*
    • Alpha male feeling*
    • Improved sex drive*

    Who Should Take Triad Mass?

    • Anyone looking to pack on serious muscle mass*
    • Anyone looking to run a safe anabolic cycle*
    • Anyone looking to increase strength & build muscle*
    • Anyone looking for a safer alternative to sarms, or other harsh anabolics*

    Why TRIAD MASS Was Formulated:

    • To be one of the strongest legal pro-hormones in the market for putting on sheer mass*
    • For guys who are looking to take their training to the next level*
    • As the safest anabolic option for guys who don't want to put harmful drugs in their bodies*



    What is the best way to take triad mass?



    As a dietary supplement, take (2) capsules of TRIAD MASS daily! Take TRIAD MASS everyday of the week! If you miss a dose, simply just get back on track the next day & never exceed the daily recommend servings.



    How Long Can I Take Triad Mass For?



    Cycles of TRIAD MASS can be ran from 4,8, or 12 weeks.



    Do I need to post cycle therapy from TRAID MASS? If so, for how long?



    Yes, after completing any cycle of TRIAD MASS we recommend to post cycle therapy for 4 weeks.



    Does TRAID MASS need a liver support supplement?



    It does not require a liver support supplement. However, we always recommend anytime that you are taking supplements to be on a liver support supplement.



    What is the main ingredient inside TRAID MASS?



    The main ingredient inside TRIAD MASS is Epiandrosterone!



    TRIAD MASS Ingredients